50 Days to Fifty – A Chilly Day in Paris

I felt it was important to celebrate and embrace my upcoming big ‘0’ birthday.  I know many people shy away from the prospect of going into a new decade. But instead of denying it, I’m going to live it and enjoy it. After all, one thing we can all be certain of in this life is that we are going to get older. Unless you happen to be Benjamin Button.

There is a great quote that I will paraphrase because a) I can’t remember who said it and b) I don’t know it by heart – ‘be grateful for every year you get older because some people never get the chance to experience it’. 

When I started this little ’50 days to fifty’ challenge I thought it would be all about completing one task a day and that if I didn’t achieve this I would be annoyed with myself (not a healthy way to look at it, I know). The good news is that I now I have completed my first ten days I know it is the act of doing or starting something everyday that has had meaning. I don’t have to complete my actions or even do them well, I just have to commit to the ‘doing’.

Day One:  A Chilly Day in Paris. This was an easy day to complete. We had booked a holiday in Disneyland Paris long before I had decided to mark my 50th in a meaningful way and we had planned to spend one day in Paris. It just happened to fall on my first 50 to 50 day.

Armed with two double decker bus tour tickets, my husband and I set out to conquer the beautiful city of Paris. It was a whistle stop tour. We started at the Louvre, took the time for a couple of selfies but didn’t go in (that is planned for a return visit).


We then took a leisurely walk along the River Seine to the Notre Dame Cathedral. As there was only a small queue we decided to stroll inside. (We need to return to find the hunchback!).


From here we jumped on the tour bus which drove us up the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe – perfectly timed for a Parisienne lunch. We walked off our lunch with a short trek to the Trocadero where we were told we could get the best pictures of the Iron Lady.


From there we wandered across to the Eiffel Tower where I hoodwinked my husband into going to the summit. Very cold and blowy up there but wow what fabulous views – an amazing construction considering that is was only meant to be temporary.


It was time to jump back on the tour bus taking us passed the Place De Concorde, Grande Palais, Petit Palais and many more superb sights. We couldn’t stop because we wanted to catch the Montmarte tour bus before it stopped for the evening.

The Montmarte bus took us away from what is called the ‘classic tour’ of Paris and passed the Moulin Rouge and the Paris red light district. As we approached our stop we just caught a glimpse of the steps up to the stunning Sacre Coeur.


There is a funicular railway up to the Sacre Coeur but let’s face it that would have been cheating the 300+ steps. We rewarded ourselves with a glass of wine in a pub at the top! But seriously, it was worth every step, the views of Pairs by night were amazing from the Sacre Coeur and a trip inside was definitely worth the tired legs.


After a little research and navigation we found the metro station that would take us back to Disneyland ready for day two of my 50 to 50 project.





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