50 Days to Fifty – Postcards, TED Talks, Jewellery and Poems

Day three, four, five and six of my 50 to 50 challenge were short and sweet challenges. If all my challenges were like Paris and Disney this would be unsustainable.

Postcards to Friends

One of those shorter actions was to tell some very special people (they know who they are) how much they mean to me. I have a small circle of friends and some of those that I consider to be ‘best friends’ are people I don’t see very often. It seemed fitting on day three to send some postcards. I didn’t know before I bought the cards but the Jungle Book disney animation was made in the I was born. That made sending two of the cards even more special, especially as the two lovely ladies receiving them were also born in the same year as me.

I will be purchasing some more postcards because there are a few more people that need to be included.  Watch for the post you could be getting a card.

TED Talks



On day four I was going to watch five TED talks but ended up watching a total of seven back to back. If you’ve never watched one stop reading this and search Google now for one of talks below. They are between five and 20 minutes long, educational, inspiring and much more…

  1. ‘Why we laugh’ by Sophie Scott
  2. ‘Why we all need emotional first aid’ by Guy Winch
  3. ‘Why some people find exercise harder than others’ by Emily Balcetis
  4. ‘How to let altruism be your guide’ by Matthieu Ricard
  5. ‘Go ahead – make up new word’ by Erin Mckean
  6. ‘Are you human?’ by Ze Frank
  7. ‘I’m not your inspiration thank you very much’ by Stella Young

If you do watch a TED talk, take a few minutes afterwards to digest what you’ve heard. I’ve been known to watch them a second time to check I haven’t missed something.


While I was rummaging around in my loft to find some of my craft stuff I came across a whole box of beads, wire, string and necklace fixings. Brilliant! I thought I could make a quick necklace or pair of earrings for my day five of 50 to 50 task.

As I said in my first post, it is not always the act of finishing a task that is important, it is just the committing to doing the task.

My piece of Jewellery turned out to be a disaster. I don’t think the creative juices were flowing on day five! I took it all apart and placed it all back in the box with the intention of trying again another day. The most important thing was that I enjoyed making it and looking through and handling the assortment of beads, which I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.


On day six I had a long train journey up to Birmingham where I was delivering training. I thought that quietly writing a poem would be a good action to complete and an effective use of my time. Such is the nature of creativity this was also a monumental fail and has subsequently found it’s way into the recycling bin.

I am so out of practice with writing creatively that finding the words for poetry was just laughable. Like the jewellery, I enjoyed ‘having a go’ even if I didn’t produce anything worth publishing.




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