50 Days to Fifty – Teeth, Eyes and Boobs

I’m rocking this 50 days to fifty project. Days eight, nine and ten are a bit random. They are things I’ve been putting off for such a long time, I thought what better way to make sure I get them done than to put them in as part of my challenge.


Having moved over a year ago and with life being so busy, sourcing a new dentist was something that kept getting pushed to the back of the list.  On day eight I had my first appointment with my new dentist. I’m not a great fan of the dentist and my teeth are definitely not my best feature! However, I have to say this turned out to be more than an ok experience.

My new dentist is one of the nicest I’ve had in years. She gave great advice without being patronising or judgemental and the best news was not having to visit the hygienist (an appointment I never enjoy).  I was even complimented on how well I cleaned my teeth – shame you can’t magic fillings and discolouration away!tooth-1015404_1280


I don’t know how long I’ve been saying that I needed to have my eyes tested. I’ve had the same  reading glasses for over eight years. Admittedly, when I bought those I was going though a particularly stressful time and my eyes were suffering as a result of it.  I have only really started using those glasses properly over the last year. A ‘day nine’ visit to the opticians was in order.

I came away from the eye test feeling pretty good. My long vision was still brilliant and my reading glasses only required a small adjustment. My old glasses will still be useful for reading off the computer when I’m tired (although I usually just increase the font size).  I now have a sparkly new pair of glasses. Even better, is that because I have a small head I could buy cheaper children’s frames.


Yes another part of the body got an airing this week! Day ten and the requirement to ditch the faded grey (was once white) bra, and two badly fitting ones was a necessary. I really have to be in the mood to try anything on so I had psyched myself up this visit. In the same street as a lovely little cafe we have found in Honiton called Zest is an underwear shop.  I was greeted by a very friendly and experienced shop owner who put me at ease straight away (I’m not one for flashing my boobs at just anyone). An hour later I was the proud owner of two new bras. four pairs of knickers and another new bra on order. Job done for another couple of years.



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