50 Days to Fifty – Random Six

Here are the random things I got up to on days 15 – 20 of my 50 to 50 project.

New specs – One day 15 I picked up my new snazzy purple children’s reading specs. It’s great having a small head – cheaper glasses and funky choices. Having trouble getting used to them – definitely stronger than my last pair! But, I will wean myself on to them slowly.


Taming the Mane on day 16 – After a disastrous hair cut last year,  I have been patiently growing it out in order to have it ‘repaired’.  I cautiously looked for a new hairdresser, taking advice from others and reading reviews I finally took the plunge and booked in with Saks, Exeter. I’ve never spent so much on a hair cut… Was it worth it? – absolutely and totally.  I had prepared for the worst i.e. cutting it short. It turns out the layers had been cut the wrong way – no wonder it was so difficult to style and no amount of recutting the layers was going to make it sit right. An hour later the mullet was gone and I was rocking a new shorter very easy to style and manager haircut.


Family time – always important time but not always easy to fit in time. Some of my family live a few counties away. My mum and my brother and his family fall into this category.  It was nice to arrange a fairly impromptu visit at the weekend and spend the evening of day 17 chatting, drinking and eating a massive chinese takeaway together.


Pub quiz – Home from our weekend visit in time to join in with the fortnightly local pub quiz – the first one to fall during my challenge, so I think it would be fair to count it for day 18. We have two new members on our team so we were hopeful that we might do better.  We came a very honourable second.


Friends wot lunch – The eating just never stops! On day 19 we managed to take a couple of quality hours out of the middle of our working day to meet friends for lunch. It’s not always easy fitting in time to meet up with friends. However, we found a great way to make it happen. Our friends were travelling back from Wales to Plymouth on the M5 which means passing within 3 miles of us. What a great opportunity to stop off at one of our local pubs and enjoy a delicious lunch and have a good natter.

Crocheting is not for me – I cannot believe that when I was younger my preference to knitting was always to crochet. What a disaster my day 20 challenge was! Fingers and thumbs everywhere, tension was either too tight or too loose and an ensuing tatty woolly  mess appeared. No masterpiece to show for my antics. One needs to spend some time practicing the art and craft of crochet.



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