50 Days to Fifty – Four More Days

I realise I have a bit of catching up to do, I am actually writing this on day 40. For much of the last two weeks I have been busy with an exciting new piece of work.  I have still managed to fit a 50 to 50 activity, however small into my day. Here is a quick four day update

On day 22, I started to knit a chunky scarf to go with my headband. A nice easy 4 knit,4 purl pattern. On day 31, my knitting was unpicked by two grandchildren! My fault for leaving the wool where two little exploring and inquisitive minds could find it.  The completed item may eventually make it’s way on to the screen if I can get round to starting it up again.

On day 23, I registered to do an online course. I love cooking and creating in the kitchen and we eat a lot of vegetarian food. But I have always felt I could be more adventurous. I particularly wanted to find out more about vegan ingredients.

To be honest the course was a little disappointing and I’m glad I didn’t pay too much for it. I also realised that watching videos and trying to read off the screen doesn’t suit my learning style. Investing in a vegan cookbook feels a much more pleasing idea to me. Watch this space when I start to experiment with new foods.

On day 24,  I went into research mode. Admittedly this was linked to work but as I love learning new things, it fitted in nicely with one of my challenges. I’ve recently started work on a new project with my husband. It’s a real treat to be working so closely on a project together, combining our specialisms, whilst also taking us both out of our comfort zones.  It was a bit of shame it was taking up a weekend but when you work for yourself you do get the luxury of claiming back some of that time during the week. I think it was raining, so it wasn’t a bad thing to be doing indoors.

On day 25, I had a Sunday afternoon to myself. I have been promising to go through my memory box for years. It’s a box full of random stuff that I have collected over the years. From my Brownie Beret and badges to my athletic running shorts and T-shirt from when I was a teenager through to drawings and nursery books my children made when they were little.  I was going to take pictures of things and create a book that the grandchildren could enjoy when they are older, however, looking at it all now I decided that probably isn’t going to happen. The memory box content just doesn’t lend itself to a book after all. I did whittle down the contents and burn some of the rubbish, which was quite a cathartic act.





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