50 Days to Fifty – Lazy Cooks Banana Loaf Story

Once upon a time there were four lonely and very ripe bananas sitting in a fruit bowl wondering what their fate was going to be. As the days went by it looked more and more likely that they were going to be sent to the compost tip in a large noisy truck.

When suddenly, they were plucked from their smart ceramic bowl, stripped and placed into a new plastic mixing bowl. All they ever wanted was to be eaten and enjoyed and now it seemed their dream was going to come true.

Before they could say much more, a large fork came down and squished them to a slimy pulp. Their new shape felt strange but liberating. They were then joined by 4oz of softened organic butter, 4oz of brown sugar and two beaten organic eggs .

Laughing and giggling with their new friends they were whisked at high speed around the bowl until no-one could tell who was who anymore. Just as they were recovering from their dizzy experience, the party was stirred up again as a cooling tablespoon of greek yoghurt joined them.

Excited at the different flavours that had come together they chattered about what they thought they were going to become. Someone shouted out ‘perhaps we will be muffins!’ But the cook with the large wooden spoon had other ideas and a heavy 8oz carpet of self-raising flour landed on their heads.

Ooh! They squealed as they thickened with the weight of the flour. Once mixed together another calm silence came over the friends until they looked up to see a handful of dark chocolate chip hailstones landing on them. Everyone cheered and welcomed the new comers, who quickly informed the crowd that they were going to become a banana and chocolate chip loaf.

The next part of their journey was like being on a large water slide, as they were scooped into the lined and greased loaf tin. They didn’t have to wait long before they were plunged into the warmth of a 180 degree oven.  The cooking party sang and danced in the oven for about 50 minutes until they had all slowly stuck together as a solid loaf.

The ingredients happily slept while the loaf was removed from the oven and placed on a cooling rack.  The friends of ingredients never woke up again, but they will be pleased to know that they were enjoyed a tasty snack.

The End





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