50 Days to Fifty – Just Another Week

A little behind on the posts I am writing this on my birthday! But I am determined to complete writing up my journey of the last 50 days.

The following 50 to 50 cataloged days are a bit of a mish mash:

Day 28 – The art of folding paper. I haven’t attempted origami for many years so I thought I would have a play. I started with some very basic projects and just about managed to produce a candy bag, a boat and a folded napkin. I then thought I would progress on to an intermediate project! Out of practice, wrong paper and many other excuses later I produced nothing worthy of photographing. I can’t believe that when I was thirty something a created a vase and an elephant. Back to the basics for me.

Day 29 – This was much easier and it still involved paper. I played a game of clock patience.  I really can’t remember the last time I played this and had to refresh my memory on how to even start it. After quite a few games I had to drag myself away due to becoming slightly obsessed with the desire to win.

Day 30 – More paper folding and this time with the addition of glue. I put together some simple paper fan jewellery. Not the best of neatest I’ve ever done but an enjoyable experience. Maybe I will give you the instructions another time.

Day 31 – A day out with my family. We decided to take the grandchildren to Crealy Adventure Park near Exeter, which normally would have been brilliant. However so soon after visiting Disneyland Paris Crealy looked tired and a lot less appealing (at least to us adults), luckily not to the children who had a great time. I am sorry, Crealy but you really need to sort yourselves out a bit. The food options were really rank, there wasn’t enough staff and it just lacked any spark.

Day 32 – I finally managed to get my last three craft boxes down from the loft where they’ve been since moving 18 months ago. Determined to be able to access everything more readily today I created space in the conservatory cupboard and sorted all the lovely craft things. A very tactile experience especially when it came to the felt. Perhaps there will be a felt project soon.

Day 33 – The challenge today was to enter a competition – so I entered three. One was to win a camper van, the second was to win a camper van and the third was also to win a camper van. Anyone spot a recurring theme here?

Day 34 – It’s great when plans come together and on this occasion it did. I was delivering a morning talk in Plymouth and managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with a friend that I hadn’t seen for nearly two years. Unfortunately, squeeze was a good description and I felt we had barely scratched the surface of catching up. Fingers crossed it won’t be another two years to wait before we catch up again.




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