50 Days To Fifty – The Tale of the Forgotten Banana Flapjack

It had been over a day since Frank saw his bunch of friends being lifted from the fruit bowl. He wasn’t too worried to begin with, as he had heard stories of other bananas being split from their friends when the weren’t attached to a bunch. Frank had always been an independent banana and quite happy with his own company but even he had to admit he was feeling a little sad at being left alone. He was beginning to think he wasn’t wanted.

Frank had just closed his eyes for a snooze when he felt a tug on his head and found himself flying out of the bowl, across a large space and onto a green surface. He looked around a little frighted and unsure of what was going to happen next. As he became accustomed to his new surroundings he found himself looking straight into the smiling eyes of his cook.

The cook gently picked him up and peeled off his yellow onesie. Frank was feeling slightly vulnerable and a little chilly but he needn’t have been concerned, the kindly cook had warm hands and knew exactly what she was doing.

Frank felt his pale body being placed into a clear bowl. He fondly remembered the stories his parents and grandparents had told him about the different changes a ripe banana can expect to go through in their short lives.

Frank felt a strange but not unpleasant sensation as he was pressed against the bowl with a silver pronged object. His pale body was mashed and mixed to a soft pulp. Frank felt quite sleepy and relaxed as he was left to rest in his bowl.

Meanwhile, the cook had heated her oven to 160 degrees and was melting  50g butter in a saucepan with 50g of brown sugar and two tablespoons of honey. Once the happy ingredients were combined the cook added 100g of rolled oats and mixed them all together.

Frank could smell the sweet aroma of the warmed mixture and craved to be part of the same party. He didn’t have to wait for long. Frank was the finishing touch. He was added to the warm, sweet, oaty mix and stirred gently. Much laughter and giggles were had by all the new friends in the saucepan as they wondered what they would become.

The cook divided the mixture into a bun tin, making eight even sized flapjacks. The friends like many of them before, fell into a deep and peaceful sleep as they cooked for 20 to 25 minutes in the hot oven.

When the banana flapjacks were nicely browned, they were placed on a cooling rack and enjoyed by the whole of the cook’s family.



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