50 Days to Fifty – The Days Leading Up to Fifty

Let’s finish this project.  As I write this last post about the days leading up to fifty I have passed the big day and have had a wonderful birthday full of surprises (more on that another day).

Day 36 – Having had a new chic haircut at the the beginning of my project, I decided it needed a little more va va voom. So it was back to the hairdresser for a wee bit of red colouring to brighten the locks.  And let’s face it I’m no where near ready for the silver streaks yet!

New hair colour.png

Day 37 – This was an exciting day. My hubby and I are working on a new and exciting project together and this was the day it was officially launched. What a positive, supportive, blast of a day we had. Looking forward to this contract continuing for another year.

Day 38 – High from the success of the previous day, this was a day where everything just fell into place. Nothing monumental happened like winning the lottery but everything just felt right and good. The positivity just kept coming.

Day 39 – The sun came out today and it was the first really warm day we’d had in a while. Time to get out in the garden. A serious trim of an unruly shrub in the front garden and two cuts of the overgrown lawn in the back. Umm the smell of freshly cut grass and the glow of being outside in the warm sun.

Day 40 – Friends suggested that we had a ‘Desert Island Discs’ evening and so I was challenged to choose eight tracks that I would have with me on a desert island. I found this an almost impossible task. Music is so dependent on my mood at the time. I came up with songs that, to me, were either emotive and deep or that were just fun and silly. I ended up with a final of over 20 songs and decided that I would just choose randomly on the night according to my music mood. Since the evening I have added even more songs to my list!

Day 41 – I enjoy volunteering and working on community projects and recently became involved in setting up a local Dementia Action Alliance. Having been a dementia champion for nearly 18 months this is a great opportunity to spread the message from the Alzheimer’s Society. The Culm Valley Dementia Action Alliance held its launch event today. I delivered two dementia friends sessions to local organisations and the general public and had the opportunity to speak to lots of lovely, supportive and enthusiastic people about the action alliance and our plans going forwards.

Day 42 – A craft project instigated by a good friend who had recently visited a craft fair and spotted a lampshade making kit. We spent a fun hour putting together our beautiful shades. They were going to be for a table lamp but failing to read the instructions completely we put the utility ring in the wrong place. This means the lampshade belongs on the ceiling! Never mind, both of our shades have found a home in our downstairs toilets. It just means that I have had to purchase two more kits to make table lampshades for my bedroom.

Day 43 – I don’t normally have a lot of luck buying jeans and have been wearing the same style M&S ones for quite a few years now and am frankly bored of the sight of them. This little task was meant to be much earlier on my 50 to 50 list but I really have to be in the mood for clothes shopping. But today was the day. Armed with about nine pairs of different jeans from various brands in Debenhams, I marched, with fairly low expectations, into the changing rooms and marched out with three new pairs. The luck just keeps on coming.

Day 44- Today was a tick on my bucket list. We were in Reading visiting friends when I suddenly remembered (probably initiated by a grumbling tummy) that we were in the town of the Sweeney & Todd pies. I had always wanted to see the shop / restaurant and try one of their world famous pies. And wow! What an amazing choice of pies. A very yummy experience.

Day 45 – Today the famous five went for a walk somewhere new. We walked a few miles of the famous Ridgeway path. According to Wikipedia, the Ridgeway is described as Britain’s oldest road. It forms one of the many national trails which follows the ancient Ridgeway from Overton Hill near Avebury to Streatley, then follows footpaths and parts of the ancient Icknield Way through the Chiltern Hills and Ivinghoe Beacon. The National Trail is 87 miles (140 km) long.

Day 46 – Having now sorted my craft things into an accessible cupboard it was time to experiment with the neglected watercolours. All I managed to do today was to find and prepare a board to tape my watercolour paper to. The excitement of just doing that means that I am ready to play with the paints.

Day 47 – It’s been a long while since I was let loose with watercolour paints and I knew I would be rusty, so today was just ‘play day with paint’. Practicing techniques, mixing colours and becoming acquainted again with my old friends.

Day 48 – Today I sketched some daffodil ideas in preparation for my water colour painting project. I think a lot more sketches are required before I am entirely happy with the flowers. My artist’s hand needs re-awakening.

Day 49 – At Christmas I was given a lovely little food hamper which came in a delightful basket with fabric lining. Since devouring the contents the hamper has sat in the garage wondering what will become of it. While sorting the crafts stuff I had also decided to empty my sewing box and re-wind the bobbins and relocate the loose needles and pins. On doing this it occurred to me that I could use the sweet little hamper instead of the crappy plastic box. Happy with the day 49 result.

Sewing box

One day more and I knew day 50 was going a surprise pre-birthday treat from my daughter – watch this space for what happened next…



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