50 Days to Fifty – A Beauty and the Beast of a Surprise

This is day 50. Not my birthday but the day before. I was excited about the day ahead as it was all going to be a surprise. I had no idea what my daughter, mum and a friend had in store for me.  Unusually for me I had also decided to just give in to the surprises and not ask questions.

My first surprise was to see the 11:30am showing of Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. I could have cried – I absolutely love disney and this is one of my favourites. I was a tad excited. Armed with bags of chocolates and sweets we headed to our screen. Great seats had been picked – I am a bit fussy when it comes to cinema seats – too close and I get neck ache. The chosen seats were central and at eye level.

The film was brilliant. The new music scores were fabulous, a well chosen cast and awesome set. A few leaky eye moments and lots of fun too.  And the good news is I get to see it all over again because I know my husband wants to see it too 🙂

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I was whisked away in the car. I had no idea where we were going – I had guessed that food might be involved but that was only because of the time of day.

We arrived at the very grand entrance of Boringdon Hall  and were taken upstairs to a balcony table overlooking a stunning candelabra. The table was set up for a Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea. Just take a look at the pictures because I can’t begin to describe the attention to detail.

The photographs don’t really do it justice. The whole experience was wonderful. From the table to the food to the waiting staff.

Thank you Hannah for arranging a magical day that I will never forget.



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