Desert Island Discs

Being challenged by friends to come up with eight tracks that I would play if I was on a desert island was quite frankly an impossible task. I just kept adding and adding to my playlist. Here are the 20 songs that made it onto my first draft.

  1. Tears by Rush (from the classic Rush 2112 album, a personal favourite from my teens. It’s a rock album that tells a sad science fiction story through the songs)
  2. Turn of the century by Yes (I was introduced to this band by an older friend when I was in my early teens. I have always loved this particular track albeit a little sad if you listen to the lyrics)
  3. Nothing rhymed by Gilbert O’Sullivan (I have no idea where my love affair for Gilbert’s music started but he is one of my go to musicians in the kitchen)
  4. I drove all night by Roy Orbison (what an amazing voice this man has. I could have chosen any track off any of his albums)
  5. Angels by Robbie Williams (this has become a true classic and rightly so plus who doesn’t like a bit of Robbie?).
  6. The impossible dream by Matt Munro (one of the artists introduced into my life by my parents – what a smoothy and I just love the words to this particular song)
  7. This is the life by Amy MacDonald (just try to not tap the foot to this the upbeat chorus of this song)
  8. Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward (this list wouldn’t be complete without a song from the War of the Worlds. An absolute classic album and no-one can replace Richard Burton’s narration not even Liam Neeson in the remake).
  9. Aquarius by Aqua (known for Barbie Girl and Cartoon Heroes – if you’ve never listened to one of their albums do it now)
  10. Don’t bring me down by ELO (so difficult to choose one song from ELO they are an all time favourite band from as long as I can remember)
  11. The winner takes it all by ABBA (like many of the artists above I had to close my eyes and point to choose a song by ABBA as there were so many I love)
  12. Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley (it would have been disloyal to my teenage years not to have added at least one of Rick’s songs to the list)
  13. You make me feel brand new by Simply Red (I first heard this on something like the Royal Variety performance and although I had been a fan of Mick Hucknells for years, I hadn’t really appreciated what an amazing voice the man has)
  14. We don’t need another hero by Tina Turner (an amazing and powerful female singer and too many good songs to choose from)
  15. So what by Pink (bring it on for the ladies, love her style and her voice)
  16. She’s not there by The Zombies (some times the clear and simple tunes of the 60’s are just winners)
  17. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (they just had to be on here somewhere. I still can’t believe that Freddie was taken from us. Who else sings along to this?)
  18. Old and wise by The Alan Parsons Project (not many people I know have heard of this band, a definite throw back to my teenage years)
  19. I’d do anything by Nia (introduced to this song by my husband when we first met)
  20. Against all odds by Phil Collins (far too many good songs to choose from – this was picked with my eyes closed)

This was the random songs and artists that first sprang to mind when I started to consider the list but there were so many more that I could have added such as; Dire Straits, Status Quo, Eurythmics, Genesis, Chris Rea, Billy Joel, Adele, Lady Ga Ga, Tracy Chapman, Il Divo, Frank Sinatra etc. etc.

I love listening to music and like many people I listen to different music for different occasions. I feel I was lucky, when I was growing up I was exposed to many different artists and genres. Although this does also mean that some of my music tastes are a little embarrassing to admit to!

I hope you have a listen to some of the songs you didn’t know from my list and I would love to hear about your favourite songs.



2 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs

  1. I was expecting to know a lot more of these considering you play music constantly but I only knew about 3 or 4 on the list! I don’t think I could only pick 8 though!


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