The NZ Road Trip Begins- Christchurch

After a very long journey and the trauma of a lost case it felt good to be finally arriving in Christchurch., where we knew our adventures would begin.  We were greeted with wet and chilly weather, a little different to the warm humidity we had left behind in Auckland. But we weren’t going to let the weather dampen our spirits.

The excitement started with a business meeting. I know that doesn’t sound much like fun but actually it was. Firstly, it was great to explore new opportunities for work outside of the UK and secondly, we were in a really funky cafe called C1 Expresso where they send some of the orders for food down plastic tubes to your table.

This was how Naomi’s chips arrived! Genius and such fun.

And just look at the decor of the place.

C1 Expresso crayon sugar bags, and tea for now and later in a matchbox. Ingenious.

The food, service and atmosphere were excellent too. Don’t miss this cafe out if you are visiting Christchurch.

After a successful and productive meeting and a full stomach we ventured out to see some of the sights and highlights of the city.

I found our Christchurch visit quite sad. It feels like the city is still in mourning since the devastating earthquakes. Being a dark and rainy day didn’t help the atmosphere.

I could only imagine what a beautiful city Christchurch must have been before the quakes.

The highlight of the day was Christchurch’s magnificent (temporary) cardboard Cathedral. It is quite simply stunning.

A day of travel, work and sight seeing took its toll and we were all ready for a good nights sleep. We stayed at the very nice All Stars Inn hostel where my daughter had been working.

We would be ready for our road trip to begin in earnest the following day.



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