Cities, Lakes and Towns – On The Road

And so the road trip begins. First leg was an epic – Christchurch to Cromwell.  Packing three adults, luggage, food and camping equipment into Naomi’s estate car was a military operation. An operation that we perfected by the end of our adventure.

Map Christchurch to Cromwell

The weather yet again wasn’t being kind to us, but as we were doing a lot of driving that day it didn’t bother us too much either.

The first leg of the first leg was to be honest, a bit monotonous. Flat field after flat field and not a lot else. By the time we reached the town called Geraldine we were ready for a pitstop. Luckily NZ’s tourist information centres were well equipped. Toilets, shop and cafe – perfect.

I took over the driving from here (good job they drive on the same side of the road as the UK!). The scenery changed and we headed into a much more rugged landscape. Unfortunately, both my fellow passengers fell asleep and missed a good part of this. Jet lag was catching up with my husband. I’m not sure what my daughters excuse was, although she explained later that falling asleep in a car is a form of car sickness (a little more research is required on this topic).

After just over an hours driving we reached a beauty spot called Lake Tekapo where we got out and stretched the legs for a bit.

NZ 1a.png

Two and a quarter hours later, another driver swap and we arrived at Cromwell and our fourth style of accommodation in four nights (if you include the night sleeping on a flight).  At the Top 10 Cromwell Holiday Park – we had a one bedroom self-contained unit. A double and a single bed in a good sized bedroom. A fully equipped kitchenette, good sized lounge with dining table and shower room. Everything we needed in a compact space with parking right outside.

Photo 12-04-2017, 21 41 39

I still have no idea what this statue of fruit was for just outside of Cromwell! But when you are on holiday you take random pictures!



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