Gondola’s, Skylines and Thrills

We continued our NZ road trip by travelling the short distance from Arrowtown to Queenstown.  A place that was to offer fabulous views, excitement and thrills. We started off by sorting out some accommodation for the night and a place to park the car.  New Zealand really knows how to accommodate. We had a cosy self catering room in the Earnslaw Lodge with fantastic views of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains. Being just 15 minutes walk from the centre of town made it really convenient for our afternoon of exploration.

I set off with my daughter to the skyline gondolas and my hubby went for a wander around the town. We later found out he had found a nice spot to sit near the lake with a glass of wine.

This was the view looking back down the gondola.

And this was the impressive view from the Skyline.

After exploring the Skyline views we collected our ill-fitting helmets and headed to the small chairlift to have some fun on the Luge. We had booked three runs when we were at the bottom of the Gondola. That was not nearly enough runs for us! But we did enjoy seeing if we could get from the top to the bottom of the run without using the brakes. Having had two wheels off the ground on one corner I think the verdict was ‘not quite’. Much laughter and squealing could be heard from the two of us – we may have been the noisiest and fastest on the Luge that day.

We jumped back on the Gondola and strolled through the town for a more leisurely and down to earth pursuit. A tranquil and beautiful shoreline walk along Lake Wakatipu.

Having headed away from the shore we, unbelievably, managed to get lost but this turned out to be a blessing, when we realised we were already half way up the steep hill to our accommodation.

After a nice meal, glass of wine and the latest Transformers film we found on the TV we were ready for an early night. We needed to be refreshed for the next adrenalin packed day we had planned!



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