High on Adrenaline

Day two in and around Queenstown – this day was not for the faint hearted.

We had been watching the jet boats on the open water on Lake Wakatipu and thinking they looked fun, but flicking through the guidebooks and talking to the tourist information staff, it appeared there was a much more exciting jet boat experience to be had at a place called Shotover Canyon.

We were ready for it!

Watching the other jet boats leave gave us a glimpse of the adventure ahead of us.

Screams, laughter, turns, spray and getting closer to the side of a canyon in a speeding boat that I thought was possible. A boat trip of a life time. Wet and pumped up… we survived!

Only to move onto the next, more extreme thrill of the road trip. My daughter had decided that she wanted to do a canyon swing as part of her bucket list. There was one problem with this… she wouldn’t do it without ‘mum’. So, being a good mum, we booked in for a tandem canyon swing! Shotover canyon swing we were ready for you.

The Swing in pictures! Looking relaxed during the briefing…

Swing -The briefing

Just hanging around over a canyon waiting to be dropped! It’s a long way down…

Swing - going 2

And we’re off! A 60 metre free fall and then into the swing…


One the way back up and we’re alive… a very relived Naomi!

That was quite something. I just wish I had taken up the chance to do it again.

Queenstown thrills weren’t quite over…




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