‘Water Water Everywhere …

After using up all our adrenalin with canyon swings and jet boats we headed off towards the more serene and tranquil setting of Milford Sound. It also doesn’t have much accommodation for those of us on a budget so we stopped at the Fiordland National Park Lodge and stayed in one of their budget traveller rooms.  Not the best accommodation but, it served us well for two nights and was very convenient for Milford Sound.

Up early the next morning we headed straight off to Milford Sound to catch an early boat. It’s an hour and half drive to Milford Sound along a very windy and often steep road but the scenery is stunning and well worth the drive. We stopped for a quick look at the Mirror Lakes along the route.  I don’t think my photo’s give the best impression but they really are so still they are like mirrors.

Mirror Lakes.jpg

Mirror lakes 2.jpg

When we arrived at Milford Sound Port we booked ourselves on to the first available boat cruise.  I would recommend booking the cruise in advance as there are some good deals to be had.

We were thrilled to be getting on one of the smaller boats as they can get closer to the waterfalls, in fact as we found out you can get right under them! Top tip: wear full waterproofs, it’s worth it.

Milford sound 4

Waterfall 1

Apparently getting your face sprayed with the water from this particular waterfall is rejuvenating and makes a person look younger! I’m not entirely convinced it worked although it was very refreshing.

Milford sound2

Milford Sound1

As you can see from the photos we didn’t have a sunny day. Don’t let the weather put you off.  The waterfalls are more spectacular after rain and the low cloud made it really atmospheric.  Our cruise lasted two hours which we felt was about the right length. The tour guide was interesting and the boat wasn’t packed.  A fantastic memory.



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