Adventure to Lake Marian

Driving back from our fun Milford Sound cruise, we decided to stop on the route back to the hostel and have a short walk.  Well, what we thought was going to be a quick stroll turned out to be quite an epic walk on what seemed like an endless climb up a rocky, uneven barely visible path.

The first part of the walk lulled us into a false sense of security. Nice easy to walk on wooden walkways and beautiful cascading waterfalls.

Lake Marian 1.png

Lake Marian 2.png

But then the walk up continued on and on. Every time we passed someone on their way down they would say things like “it’s not far now”, “it’s worth it”, “you’re about 20 minutes from the top”.  After another 45 minutes we had discovered the first and last comments were not true.

The walk wasn’t the main problem – we had come out slightly unprepared for the walk – tip: always read the reviews about a walk before starting out! We had stupidly thought it was ‘just’ a gentle forest walk to a lake and not taken enough refreshments.

Despite the unpreparedness and unexpected length and height climbed,  I think the pictures will show you that it was definitely worth every step up and back down again.

Lake Marian 9

Lake Marian 7

Lake Marian 2


Happy memories to treasure …



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