The Road to Glenorchy

Having cruised on Milford Sound, been soaked under crashing, health rejuvenating waterfalls and hiked up to see a beautiful lake it was time to head back towards Queenstown in pursuit of a little relaxation.

Stopping off in Queenstown for a spot of shopping and to book our adventure for the following day (watch this space) we decided to head out towards Glenorchy. We were assured the drive towards Glenorchy was going to be well worth it. And here is a snapshot of the scenic loveliness:

Road to Glenorchy 2.jpg

Road to Glenorchy 3

They say the drive should take about half an hour from Queenstown to Glenorchy but allowing for a couple of photo stops it cold take up to 45 minutes.

Arriving in Glenorchy we were headed for Mrs Woolly’s campsite. We were, attracted to the name. We weren’t disappointed as we turned into the side road next to the very well stocked general store.

General Store Glenorchy

After setting up base camp we left one of the road trippers to relax in the sun while we went exploring the ‘Lord of the Rings’ scenery.

Relaxing at Mrs Woolies 2

Unfortunately it was quite late in the day and to drive into the heart of the LOTR country meant navigating down some rough roads that we weren’t entirely sure would be good for my daughters car.


We stopped at a sign for a path signposted to Mt Alfred.  but sadly discovered this was almost impassable due to storm damage and trees down. If we’d had more time I am sure it would have been worth the effort. We headed back for some relaxation time and dinner at camp.

A small problem was encountered during this stay.  It was Easter Sunday and none of the shops were serving alcohol – wine was off the menu!  It probably wasn’t a bad thing as we needed to get an early start to be back in Queenstown for 8:00am the next morning.



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