About Liza

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, volunteer and hard working chameleon who lives in the beautiful countryside of mid Devon. I started this new blog to share some of my own non work-related posts. I also write for Greenbridge Alchemy where you can find things that are related to my coaching and training world.

Here is a little bit about me using my name:

L – Learning. This is something I never stop doing. For me, it is really important to feed the mind. I like to learn one new thing every day, even if it is only something small.

I – Interested. I am interested in what other people are saying and doing.

Z – Zany. This made me laugh when I looked up the dictionary definition – amusingly unconventional. Yep thats me. Eccentric and sometimes even bizarre.

A – Adaptable. As ‘flexible’ won’t fit in with my name this is the next best description. I adapt to my surroundings and the people I am with while still retaining the zany side of me.


O –  Opinionated and passionate. If I have an opinion about something and I truly believe in it, I will quite often talk about it with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.

X – X-rated is the only suitable word for me here except that it means ‘grown up!’ I will have to ponder over that one.

F – Fair. I consider myself to be honest and just. I like things to be above board.

O – Outgoing. I am sociable, approachable, friendly, gregarious, open, warm and a good communicator

R – Resolute. While being flexible on many levels I can also be determined, strong-willed and tenacious about others.

D – disagreeable giver – saw that on a TED talk recently and it resonated with me. It’s not at all negative but it does mean that what I say is not always popular but it will be fair.

Well I’m not putting up the double-barrelled version of my name, it was bad enough having an ‘x’ lurking in there let alone another couple of ‘o’s to contend with.

I hope you will enjoy getting to know me through reading and commenting on my posts.